موسسه پرورش گل و گیاه حسنی - به موسسه پرورش گل وگیاه حسنی

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

موسسه پرورش گل و گیاه حسنی

این موسسه از سال 1355 در استان البرز مشغول به تولید و پرورش گل و گیاه زینتی و آپارتمانی می باشد.

به موسسه پرورش گل وگیاه حسنی

خوش امدید.

Abelmoschus,, Abelmoschus moschatus,, Abelmoschus moschatus Pacific Mixed,Basque     


Jeneva "Juniper tree""Lotus flower"

Marica "Nymph of the sacred grove" NEW!

Melantha "Dark flower"

Melanthe "Dark flower"

Minta "Mint, a plant name"

Mintha Mint plant"

Moly "An herb Hermes gives to Odysseus to protect him"

Myrica "Tamarisk tree (my-ree-kah)" NEW!

Myrta "Myrtle plant"

Myrtia "Myrtle"

Myrtice "Myrtle"

Myrtis "Myrtle"

Myrtisa "Myrtle"

Myrtle "Myrtle plant"

Mytra "Myrtle"

Narcisa "Daffodil"

Narcissa "Daffodil"

Narkissa "Daffodil"

Pansy "Pansy flower"

Peony "Peony flower"

Rhoda "Rose"

Rhodantha "Rose flower"

Rhodanthe "Rose flower"

Rhodia "Rose"

Xylan "Of the forest"

Xylia "From the forest"

Yolanda "Violet"

Yolande "Violet"


Felora "Hawaiianized form of Flora, "a flower"

Felorena "Blooming, flourishing, prosperous"

Kalei "The flower wreath; the beloved"

Kamala "The garden" NEW!

Kapua "The flower blossom"

Kapua'ula "The red flower"

Kiele "Gardenia flower" NEW!

Koali "Morning glory flower" NEW!

Leia "Child of heaven; heavenly flowers"

Leilani "Heavenly flower"

Leinani "Beautiful lei (flower garland)"

Maile "Myrtle, fragrant vine" NEW!

Mala "Garden" NEW!

Maylea "Wildflower"

Mohala "Flowering, blossoming, opening up"

Nanala "Sunflower"

Pua "Flower, blossom"

Puakai "Ocean flower, sea blossom"

Puakea "White flower"

Pualani "Royal blossom"

Susana "Hawaiian form of Susannah, "lily, or rose"


Allona "Strong as an oak"

Allonia "Strong as an oak"

Alona "Strong as an oak"

Ardath "Flowering field"

Aridatha "Flowering field"

Atonia "Strong as an oak"

Ayla "Oak tree."

Azalea "Flower"

Azelia "Flower"

Azelie "Flower"

Aziel "Flower"

Chamania "Sun or sunflower"

Chamaniya "Sun, or sunflower"

Daliah "Tree branch"

Daliyah "Tree branch"

Erith "Flower"

Eritha "Flower"

Gana "Garden"

Ganet "Garden"

Ganice "Garden"

Ganit "Garden"

Ganiyah "Garden of God" NEW!

Hadassah "Myrtle tree"

Hamaniya "Sun, or sunflower"

Ilana "Tree"

Ilani "My tree" NEW!

Ilanit "Tree"

Ilaniya "Tree of God" NEW!

Iris "Flower"

Iylana "Tree" NEW!

Kalanit "Flower"

Karmelit "Lord's vineyard"

Karmelita "Lord's vineyard"

Karmia "Lord's vineyard"

Karmit "Lord's vineyard"

Lilah "Lily"

Lilie "Lily"

Nirit "Plant"

Nitza "Blossom"

Nitzanah "Blossom"

Nizana "Blossom"

Nureet "Plant"

Nurit "Plant"

Nurita "Plant"

Oma "Cedar tree"

Omah "Cedar tree"

Omette "Cedar tree"

Rosana "Graceful rose"

Rosanne "Graceful rose"

Semadar "Berry"

Suzanna "Graceful lily"

Suzannah "Lily"

Suzetta "Little lily"

Suzette "Little lily"

Tamar "Palm tree"

Tamara "Palm tree"

Tamarah "Palm tree"

Tamira "Date palm tree" NEW!

Tamra "Palm tree"

Tamryn "Palm tree"

Vadit "Rose"

Varda "Rose"

Vardit "Rose"

Vared "Rose"

Zera "Seed"

Zera'im "Seed"


Chaman "Garden" NEW!

Henna "Mehndi, henna plant"

Hina "A shrub; henna plant"

Kusumita "Blooming safflower" NEW!


Jarul "Flower queen"

Jasum "Hibiscus"

Juhi "A flower"

Jui "Flower"


Aghadreena "From the field of the sloe bushes"

Aghamora "From the great field"

Aghaveagh "From the field of the old tree"

Aghavilla "From the field of the old tree"

Athdara "From the ford at the oak tree"

Blathnaid "Flower"

Callee "Variant of Cayley meaning "from the forest"

Calli "Variant of Cayley meaning "from the forest"

Callie "Variant of Cayley meaning "from the forest"

Derry "Oak grove"

Leena "Wet meadow"

Levane "The elm tree"

Olive "Olive"

Roisin "Rose (pronounced ro-sheen)"


Dafne "The laurel Italian    

Carmelina "Garden"


Akahana "Red flower, bright flower"

Akiko "Iris; light and bright"

Anzu "Apricot"

Aoi "Hollyhock"

Ayame' "Iris"

Ayameko "Child of the iris"

Azami "Thistle flower"

Fujiko "Child of the wisteria"

Hana "Bloom, blossom, flower"

Hanako "Flower child"

Hanami "Beauty blossom" NEW!

Harue "Tree branch spring"

Hisae "Enduring tree branch

Ine' "Rice (means one with a nourishing character)"

Kaika "Deep blossom grows" NEW!

Keiko "September flower" NEW!

Kiku "Crysanthemum branch"

Kikue "Crysanthemum tree branch"

Kikuko "Crysanthemum branch child"

Kimie "Tree branch without equal"

Kohana "Little flower"

Maika "Dancing flower" NEW!

Matsu "Pine tree (long life)"

Matsuko "Pine tree child"

Matsuyo "Pine tree generation"

Mika "Beautiful flower" NEW!

Morie "Tree branch of the forest"

Moriyo "Generation forest"

Namika "Flower of the wave" NEW!

Nikki "Two trees"

Sakiko "Blossom child" NEW!

Sakiya "Cherry blossom growing" NEW!

Sakura "Cherry blossom (prosperity)"

Shulan "Kind-hearted flower" NEW!

Sugi "Cedar"

Sulin "Corn and rain" NEW!

Sumire "Violet flower" NEW!

Suzuki "Yellow bell, bell tree"

Risa "Growing flowers in my hometown" NEW!

Romi "Butterburr flower, a sprout" NEW!

Takeko "Bamboo child (strength)"

Tamie "Tree branch people"

Tane' "Seed"

Taree "Bending branch"

Ume' "Plum blossom (fidelity)"

Umeki "Plum tree"

Umeko "Plum blossom child"

Yukie "Snow inlet, snow tree branch"

Yuriko "Lily child" or "village of birth"


Aimatia "Flower garden" NEW!

Arrosa "Rose"

Arrose "Rose"

Avena "From the oat field"

Avina "From the oat field"

Azalea "Dry earth; Dry. Also a flower name"

Azalia "Dry. Also a flower name"

Camelia "A flower name"

Carmel "Fruitful orchard"

Carmela "Fruitful orchard"

Carmelita "Fruitful orchard"

Carmella "Fruitful orchard"

Carmelle "Fruitful orchard"

Fiorenza "Flower"

Flor "Flower"

Flora "Flower. The mythological Roman goddess of flowers"

Florella "Blooming"

Florence "Flowering. Blooming"

Florentina "Blooming"

Florentine "Blooming"

Florentyna "Blooming"

Florenza "Blooming"

Floria "Blooming"

Florice "Flower"

Florida "Blooming"

Floris "Flower"

Forenza "Flower"

Fronda "Leafy branch"

Fronde "Leafy branch"

Ginger "From the ginger flower"

Hibiscus "Flower name"

Hibiskus "Flower name"

Hortencia "Gardener"

Hortendana "Gardener"

Hortense "Gardener"

Ibolya "Flower"

Kamelia "Variant of Camelia"

Kamella "Variant of Camelia"

Karmel "Fruitful orchard"

Karmelle "Fruitful orchard"

Lauene "Laurel"

Lauica "Laurel"

Laura "The laurel tree or sweet bay tree"

Lauraine "The laurel tree or sweet bay tree"

Lauralyn "The laurel tree or sweet bay tree"

Laureen "Laurel"

Laurel "Laurel"

Laurella "Laurel"

Lauren "Laurel"

Laurene "The laurel tree or sweet bay tree"

Laurenne "From Laurentium; the place of the laurel trees"

Laurentia "Laurel"

Laurette "Laurel"

Laurie "Laurel"

Laurin "Laurel"

Laurina "Laurel"

Laurissa "Laurel"

Lauryn "From Laurentium; the place of the laurel trees"

Lavra "Laurel"

Lawena "Laurel"

Lila "Lily"

Lilia "Lily"

Lilian "Lily"

Liliana "Lily"

Liliane "Lily"

Lilianna "Lily"

Lilianne "Lily"

Lilika "Lily"

Lillian "Lily"

Lilliana Lily"

Lilliane Lily"

Lilliann Lily"

Lillianna Lily"

Lily "Lily flower"

Lilybel "Beautiful lily"

Lilybella "Beautiful lily"

Lilybelle "Beautiful lily"

Lilybet "Graceful lily"

Lilybeth "Graceful lily"

Liora "The laurel tree or sweet bay tree"

Lora The laurel tree or sweet bay tree"

Loren "The laurel tree or sweet bay tree"

Lorena The laurel tree or sweet bay tree"

Lorenza "The laurel tree or sweet bay tree"

Loreta "The laurel tree or sweet bay tree"

Loretta "The laurel tree or sweet bay tree"

Lorette "The laurel tree or sweet bay tree"

Lori "The laurel tree or sweet bay tree"

Lorilla "Little laurel"

Lorinda "Laurel"

Loris "Laurel"

Lorita "Laurel"

Lorna "Laurel"

Myrta "Variant of Myrtle - based on the evergreen shrub sacred to Venus"

Olive "Olive tree"

Olivia "Olive"

Olivie "Olive"

Palma "Palm tree"

Palmira "Palm tree"

Palmyra "Palm tree"

Poppy "Poppy flower"

Primrose "First rose"

Rosa "Rose"

Rosabel "Beautiful rose"

Rosabella "Beautiful rose"

Rosabelle "Beautiful rose"

Rosalba "White rose"

Rosaleen "Rose"

Rosalina "Rose"

Rosaline "Rose"

Rosalyn "Rose"

Rose "Rose flower"

Rosemary "Bitter rose"

Rosie "Rose"

Ruusu "Rose"

Ruzena "Rose"

Sabina "Eurasian juniper" NEW!

Siseli "Meadow saxifrage" NEW!

Sylanna "From the forest"

Sylva "From the forest"

Sylvana "From the forest"

Sylvania "From the forest"

Sylvia "From the forest"

Verbane "Sacred limb"

Verbena "Sacred limb"

Verbenae "Sacred limb"

Verbenia "Sacred limb"

Viola "Flower"

Virginia "Blossoming; Chaste; virginal."

" NEW!

Native American     

Abetzi "Yellow leaf (Omaha)"

Abey "Leaf (Omaha)"

Abeytu "Green leaf (Omaha)"

Adoette "Large tree"

Adsila "Blossom (Cherokee)"

Aiyana "Eternal blossom"

Alameda "Grove of cottonwood"

Alaqua "Sweet gum tree"

Alawa "Pea (Algonquin)"

Algoma "Valley of flowers"

Azade "Poplar tree (Ojibwe)" NEW!

Chu'si "Snake flower (Hopi)"

Flo "Arrow"

Humita "Shelled corn (Hopi)"

Ituha "Sturdy oak"

Kai "Willow tree (Navajo)"

Kineks "Rosebud"

Leotie "Flower of the prairie"

Lomasi "Pretty flower"

Mansi "Plucked flower (Hopi)"

Mausi "Plucks flowers"

Nikaj "Flower, pronounced nee-kah (Maya)" NEW!

Ogin "Wild rose"

Onata "Corn spirit (Iroquois)" NEW!

Papina "Vine growing around oak tree (Miwok)"

Petunia "Flower name"

Polikwaptiwa "Butterfly sitting on a flower (Hopi)"

Posala "Farewell to spring flowers (Miwok)"

Rozene "Rose"

Takala "Corn tassel (Hopi)"

Tansy "Name of a flower (Hopi)"

Tika "Flower (Quechua)" NEW!

Xochi "Flower (Aztec)" NEW!

Yakma "Blossom (Hopi)"

Yamika "Blossom (Hopi)"

Yamka "Blossom (Hopi)"

Norse     Persian    

Akhtar "Star; also the name of a flower"

Alaleh "A flower, buttercup"

Alya "Marshmallow flower (pink blossoming herb)"

Arvaneh "Wild violet"

Avish "Wild marjoram"

Avishan "Wild marjoram"

Avisheh "Wild marjoram"

Azarin "Chamomile flower; related to fire"

Azhand "Name of a flower"

Babuk "Chamomile flowers"

Bahareh "Someone who brings the spring, or a spring flower"

Banugul "Rose-like lady"

Baranak "Mountain ash tree"

Barsin "Clover"

Barsina "Clover"

Benafsha "A violet"

Bostan "Garden, place of fragrance"

Chalipa "A gillyflower"

Chaman "Garden"

Daneh "Seed"

Gelayol "Gladiola flower"

Ghassedak "A flower (dandelion)"

Ghoncheh "Flower bud"

Gisi "A fragrant rose"

Golab "Rose water"

Golafsar "A crown of flowers"

Golafshan "Scattering flowers"

Golaleh "Bouquet of flowers"

Golara "Gracing flowers"

Golaviz "Name of the fuschia plant"

Golbahar "Spring flower"

Golban "Keeper of flowers"

Golbarg "Little petal"

Golchehr "Essence of a flower"

Golchehreh "Face like a flower"

Goldar "Having flowers"

Goldouz "Embroidered with flowers"

Golmehr "Flower representing kindness, love"

Golnar "Flower of the pomegranate tree"

Golnar "Red flower, center of a flame"

Golnaz "Cute like a flower"

Golnazrin "Chamomile flowers"

Golnessa "Daughter of flowers"

Golrang "Rose-colored"

Golrokh "Face like a flower"

Golrou "Face like a flower"

Golsa "Like a flower"

Golsan "Like a flower"

Golshan "Flower garden"

Golshanak "A small garden"

Golshid "Sunflower"

Guisi "A fragrant rose"

Gul "Flower, rose"

Gulafruz "Dazzling like a flower"

Gulafsan "Rose fable"

Gulafshan "Dispersing like a flower"

Gulala "Tulip flower"

Gulandam "Having a form like a flower, delicate"

Gulazin "Decorating flowers"

Gulbadan "Having a body like a rose"

Gulbaher "Spring flower"

Gulbanu "Flower-like lady"

Gulbarg "Rose leaf"

Gulchehr "Has a countenance like a rose"

Gulestan "Garden of roses"

Gulkhandan "Smelling like a flower"

Gulkhorshid "Sunflower"

Gulkhurshid "Sunflower"

Gulnar "Pomegranate"

Gulpaekar "Face like a rose"

Gulroxar "Rosy-cheeked, face like a rose"

Gulshan "Delightful spot, rose garden"

Gulshirin "Sweet like a rose"

Gulzar "Garden of flowers"

Hadigheh "Garden"

Halaleh "Tulip"

Hester "Star; Myrtle leaf"

Jasmine "Jasmine flower"

Javeh "Name of a plant"

Jessamine "Jasmine"

Kazhireh "Wild saffron"

Kolaleh "A handful of flowers"

Ladan "A flower"

Lalagul "Tulip flower"

Laleh "Tulip"

Lila "Lilac tree"

Lilac "Lilac tree"

Lilupar "Water lily"

Malisa "Lemon balm, mint"

Malissa "Lemon balm, mint"

Mamisa "Pincushion flower"

Mariam "A flower, tuberose"

Mojan "Narcissus flower"

Mozhan "Narcissus flower"

Nahal "A young plant"

Rhedyn "Fern"

  • Rhosyn "Rose"

 Abies koreana, Abies Pinsapo Glauca,, Abutilon hybrids F1 Bella series, Abutilon pictum thompsonii,, Abutilon suntense,, Abutilon vitifolium, Acacia baileyana,, Acacia baileyana purpurea,, Acacia dealbata,, Acacia pravissima,, Acanthus mollis,, Achimenes Ambroise Verschaffelt,, Achimenes Cattleya, Achimenes Harry Williams, Achimenes Maxima, Achimenes Mixed, Achimenes Peach Blossom, Actinidia chinensis, Adonidia merrillii, Aeonium schwarzkopf, Agapanthus africanas blue, Agapanthus Getty white, Agapanthus headbourne hybrids, Agapanthus Snow white, Agastache cana Heather Queen, Agastache foeniculum Blue Compact, Agastache foeniculum White Compact, Agastache Mixed, Agastache rupestris Apache sunset, Agave americana, Agave americana picta, Agave americana Super Blue, Agave mixed, Agave parryi, Ailanthus altissima, Akebia quinata, Albizia julibrissin rosea, Albizzia julibrissin, Allamanda carthatica cherry red, Allamanda carthatica yellow, Allamanda cathartica purple, Allamanda cathartica yellow, Allamanda nerifolia, Alocasia calidora, Alocasia macrorrhiza, Alocasia macrorrhiza variegata, Alocasia Odora Yunnan, Alocasia portodora, Aloe arborecsens hybrids, Aloe ferox Hybrids, Aloe marlothi Hybrids, Aloe Mixed, Alpinia pupurator pink, Alpinia pupurator red, Alpinia zerumbet, Alpinia zerumbet variegata, Alstroemeria ligtu hybrids, Alyogyne huegelii, Amaranthus caudatus Green, Amaranthus caudatus Red, Amaranthus cruentus Oeschburg, Amaranthus cruentus Velvet Curtains, Amaranthus Early Splendour, Amaranthus gangeticus illumination, Amaranthus Red Cathedral Superior, Amaryllis Benfica, Amaryllis Charisma, Amaryllis Clown, Amaryllis Elvas, Amaryllis Exotic Star, Amaryllis Jewel, Amaryllis La Paz, Amaryllis Lemon&Lime, Amaryllis Mary Lou, Amaryllis Red Peacock, Amorphophallus paeoniifolius, An Encyclopedia of Cultivated Palms, Angelica gigas, Anigozanthos flavidus red, Antigonon leptopus, Arachis Hypogaea, Araucaria araucana, Arbutus unedo, Architectural Plants, 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Humbert , Canna Richard Wallace, Canna Rosemond Cole, Canna Seeds Crozys Hybrids, Canna Seeds Giant Hybrids, Canna Stuttgart, Canna Sunny Delight , Canna Tropical Sunrise , Canna Wyoming , Capsicum annum Anaheim, Capsicum annum F1 Hong Kong, Capsicum annum Habanero, Capsicum annum Jalapino, Capsicum annum Purple Tiger, Capsicum annum Rocoto Mixed, Capsicum annum Tabasco, Capsicum annum Tepin, Capsicum Masquerade, Capsicum Medusa, Carica Papaya, Caryota maxima, Cassia didymobotrya, Cassia fistula, Catalogue, Catalpa bignonioides, Catalpa bungei, Cautleya Gracilis, Cautleya lutea, Cautleya spicata, Cercis canadensis Forest Pansy, Cercis siliquastrum, Cerinthe major Kiwi Blue, Cestrum elegans, Cestrum nocturnam, Chamaedorea elegans, Chamaerops humilis, Chamaerops humilis var cerifera, Chambeyronia macrocarpa, Chionanthus virginicus, Chorizema ilicifolium, Cissus antartica, Citrus Kaffir Lime, Citrus Meyers Lemon, Citrus aurantifolia, Citrus aurantifolia Tahiti, Citrus Manderin Otaheite, 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Queen, Datura metel Double White, Datura metel Blackcurrent Swirl, Datura Mixed, Davidia involucrata, Decaisnea fargesii, Delonix Regia, Dendrocalamus strictus, Dichorisandra pendula, Dichorisandra thyrsiflora, Dicksonia antarctica, Dionaea muscipula, Dioscorea bulbifera, Dipladenia, Dolichos lablab Ruby Moon, Duranta repens, Easy Annuals, Easy Bananas, Easy Exotics, Easy Hardy Exotics, Easy Novelties, Easy Palms, Easy Tropical Climbers, Easy Tropical Fruit, Ecballium elaterium, Eccremocarpus scaber, Echium pininana, Echium wildpretii, Embothrium coccineum, Ensete glaucum, Ensete maurellii, Ensete superbum, Ensete ventricosum, Enterolobium cyclocarpus, Epiphyllum Oxypetallum, Eriobotrya japonica, Erythrina crista-galli, Eucalyptus cinerea, Eucalyptus coccifera, Eucalyptus dalrympleana, Eucalyptus debeuzevillei, Eucalyptus erythrocorys, Eucalyptus ficifolia, Eucalyptus glaucescens, Eucalyptus globulus, Eucalyptus gunnii, Eucalyptus Mixed, Eucalyptus neglecta, Eucalyptus niphophila, 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 گل شقایق 
 گل شب بو 
  گل قرنفل 
 گل شاهپسند 
 گل سلوی 
 گل ستاره ای
گل ناز   
بذر گل آهار 
 گل آمارانتوس 
 گل افتابگردان زینتی 
 گل آشلانتوس 
 گل گازانیا 
 گل حنایی 
 گل جعفری زرد 
 گل تاج خروس 
 گل بنفشه زرد 
 گل بنفشه الوان 
 گل اطلسی 
 گل ابری نقره ای 
 گل ابری آبی
 گل داتوره 
 گل حنا 
 گل تاج الملوک 
 گل پریوش 
 گل اطلسی 
 گل استکانی 
 گل آمارانتوس ابلق 
 گل آمارانتوس نخلی 
 گل آفتابگردان زینتی 
 گل قرنفل 
 گل همیشه بهار 
 گل نیلوفر 
  گل کورئوپسیس 
 گل کرچک زینتی 
 گل سرخار گل 
 گل کوکب 

توليد گونه هاي مختلف گياهان آپارتماني و گلهاي زينتي ,خريدآنلاين گل,فروش آنلاين گل,فروش گل,خريد گل,
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قبگوي‌هائي از گل و گياه زيبا و معطر
آموزش  ,نگهداري   ,کاشت و پرورش گل و گياه خانگي  ,ساخت يک دسته گل از گل‌هاي خشک تزئين ظروف و گل ,آرايي با گل خشک  ,گل آرايي با گل خشک و پرندگان کوچک  ,گل آرايي گل خشک با ظرف مسي ,
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باغچه,پرورش ,گلخانه صنعتی ,خیار درختی ,قارچ صدفی ,پرورش قارچ صدفی ,شمشاد




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